Who I work with:

  • I work with individuals who are dynamically engaged in making the most of their lives and want to understand what is possible for them in moving ahead.
  • They are intelligent, intuitive and essentially positive, yet can focus on the opportunity in front of them.
  • They are authentic in their relationships, including with themselves.
  • They know their future is worth investing in because they can feel there is more waiting for them, more that they can achieve, and really want that for themselves.
  • They want to have their own hands on the steering wheel.
  • They have life-affirming dreams and goals, but feel stuck in some way and don’t know how to get past the barrier.

Who I do not work with:

  • I don’t work with people who enjoy the feeling of the cage they are in, who think that life is “good enough” as it is, who seek safety instead of growth. They will not benefit if:
  • They guard their fears and prejudices.
  • They cannot see that their own future is worth spending time working on, and won’t invest in the work.
  • They cannot or do not trust.
  • It is not in them to show up to a session fully engaged and ready to give their best.
  • They enjoy the victim’s stance of complaining and blaming others for their history and present situation.