Tracy Weaver is a Personal Evolution Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor. He works with intelligent, intuitive people who know they want a rewarding, purposeful life, but are feeling stuck and frustrated in trying to achieve it.

His clients come from many pursuits: students and professionals, entrepreneurs and creative artists, healers and teachers, as well as those who have yet to find that powerful combination of personal passion and career. His ability to deeply connect with and support his clients comes from his own lifetime experience and specialized training.

He helps his clients discover and use their inner resources to bridge the gap between where they are now and a wonderful future created out of their deepest intentions for all areas of their life.

How Did I Get Here?

As a result of my formative years, I know what it can be like to grow up without emotional nurturing. I have experienced the many unhealthy effects that kind of environment can have on well-being and thriving. I had developed a largely dysfunctional belief system to operate from. Until I made significant changes to what I believed about myself and the world, I stood no chance at happiness and thriving. Along my own half century quest for inner alignment, I have gradually shifted fully from closed off and guarded to open and embracing, from pessimism to vibrant enthusiasm, from hiding in the shadows to enjoying my rightful place in the sun.

As I searched spiritually, I graduated from art school with a BFA in Experimental Design. Drafting, designing and illustrating on the board gave way to doing the same on a computer. I quickly adapted to being a CAD user, programmer and trainer. On the side I did various kinds of art work and illustration, played classical guitar, and became an enthusiastic family man. I transitioned to UNIX, the platform of choice for powerful computers and higher-end analytical engineering applications at the time. I wrote manuals, and taught the language, system administration and security on contract around the country. Working on contract allowed me to keep my hands on the tiller, so to speak. I was able to choose who I would work for, where and under what circumstances. Mark of someone who hears their own drummer.

My journey of self-healing and self-evolution never let up, and over time, led me to vital information and insights about this Universe and how it operates. I have also learned about the deeper aspects of people, the myriad ways they operate, thriving or failing, feeling happy or bitter, experiencing abundance or eking out an impoverished existence, understanding and using their power or floundering in the trap of the victim mentality, wondering why their physical reality is the way it is.

Eventually, my searching led me to a career in coaching as a very effective and natural way of helping people to rediscover themselves and their own power and ability to choose their own path forward. I began with mainstream life coaching, but was guided to Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a school that teaches Law of Attraction coaching. I have found that using the Law of Attraction provides important advancement tools that help people sail through sticking points, brick walls, abysses, the fogs they see in front of them. This approach has paid off, since I am able to show clients how to make quick and sure progress when they hit a sticking point. Now, I find my former need for diversity focusing down into this one passion: helping people to move from where they are on to where, in their hearts, they want to be.

Where I Operate From

  • We all have forgotten inner resources that weave together into a powerful operating system for living and growing.
  • It’s important to straighten out our operating beliefs and priorities in order to gain the healthy space needed to figure out who we are and why we are here on this physical journey.
  • It is not only safe to be ourselves, but that it is wonderful to be ourselves, here and now.
  • A healthy sense of self-worth is a birthright that needs to be completely reclaimed in order to live the life you want.
  • Anyone who wants to can experience what personal power really means, reclaim it and develop it.
  • It is powerful to learn how to be your own support system, eliminating self-criticism and self-sabotage.
  • All that is needed to access higher guidance is trust in the process and a little practice.
  • I have discovered that self-work is often delightful, but it can also be slow, frustrating progress. So, take care to focus on the emotionally rewarding methods, which brings faster progress with less stress.
  • Connection to Source energy is vitally important to the quality of our life experience here in the physical world. It feeds our inspirations, inner strength, peace, courage, and very importantly, the quality of our relationships on all levels.
  • The Law of Attraction is the most powerful of tools and allies in our quest to unfold a great, fulfilling personal future.
  • “Time” can be turned into a powerful ally. We can use the way our minds work with the “past”, “present” and “future” to our advantage.
  • Traumatic memories can be healed so that we are no longer triggered by the emotional charges they hold, freeing our ability to choose and move.
  • It is natural and very helpful to learn how to read and trust the guidance of your gut feelings. This can become unfailing physical guidance and can become one of your most trustworthy physical resources.
  • When a person learns how to release the habit of judgment, passing sentence on oneself or others, they become more powerful and balanced.
  • A fundamental belief in lack has a strong effect on our lives and journeys. So does a belief in absolute abundance. One traps us in a small cage, and one releases us to become all we can be. And we get to choose!
  • We are not finished and never will be. Along the path to our personal futures, we will always be evolving, there will always be more to explore, and the resulting benefits for us just keep getting bigger and better!