The coach-client relationship is a unique, dynamic peer alliance designed by both you and I to safely support and empower you while you deeply explore where you are now, come to understand what the true possibilities for your future are, decide where you would like to go next, create an optimum life experience, and undertake the journey forward. The general goals of this alliance are fulfillment, balance, the ongoing process, and forward motion. The keys to this alliance are mutual trust, respect, authenticity, and commitment to your growth and transformation. Within this special relationship, a safe, confidential, creative space will be held in which you have the freedom to come to a deeper understanding of your life’s meaning and purpose, move through self-held limitations, decide where you wish to go, and then design your path forward by creating concrete goals and an actionable plan for getting there.

My part in this alliance is to provide insight, perspective, encouragement and accountability. I will also guide you through inner-work processes to help you work to open, release fears and limiting beliefs, improve your emotional state, and progress along the path of realizing your goals and dreams.

Your part in this alliance is to be authentic at all times during the session, to bring your highest integrity by being 100% honest. You will need to show up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are always responsible for your own feelings, decisions, actions and successes. It is your job and commitment to decide upon and do your own work.

In each session, the you and I will work from exactly where you are and together find how best to move forward.