Looking For a Little Adventure?


No matter what your past has been, here you are in your present, here and now pointed straight at your future. You have that in common with everybody on this planet.You will always be in the present. And although you may embrace change, hate change, try to stand as still as you can, the truth is you will always be questioning, exploring, and becoming more. You will continue to have experiences every minute of every day. You will learn things. You will move forward, whether enthusiastically or with your foot stomped on the brakes.

Overall, you will always want something that you don’t yet have. Here’s a surprise – that’s actually healthy. It is what keeps you looking and moving forward with a purpose. Your dreams, aspirations and goals are a natural, integral part of your experience, as natural as getting hungry.
So, what about your future? What do you see for yourself going forward? Do you see yourself being banged around by life, circumstances and people? Do you see a struggle against the tides of ill fortune? Do you see life as a battle, a struggle, a large, menacing antagonist to be overcome? Maybe you are just moving forward by default, not really involved in the process and not understanding it at all? Or are you sailing forward with eager anticipation of the next amazing experience waiting just around the bend? (If you are, for heaven’s sake, stop reading this now. Go make some fun!)
Think about the people you have met or read about who are actually happy, thriving in their lives, circumstances, health and relationships. Never the majority, maybe kind of rare, but can you identify a few? Are they just the lucky ones, mysteriously blessed? Or have they figured out some way to steer themselves toward great, satisfying future experiences and outcomes?
What if you could figure out how to see a very bright future for yourself, maybe even create it? What if you could put your own hand on the tiller, turn the rudder, and head for bright, robust, joyful experiences, health, relationships and outcomes? How do you think you would feel about your future life? What might be possible? What would the experience be like for you?
All this may not sound likely to you yet. It might sound pretty alien or woo-woo. But if it’s a possibility you think might be worth exploring, stay with me.
Our understanding about the homey reality we learned to think of as “time” and “space” is really evolving. Eastern masters have long been telling us that physical reality, meaning our concepts of space (separateness) and time (sequence), are illusions, that we don’t really understand them. These sages have also been saying that if we could just gain a deeper understanding of “the nature of reality”, we would find beneficial tools that we never knew existed. Physicists are beginning to reach a parallel understanding as they probe ever deeper into the mathematics and make-up of energy phenomena.
Via an ever broadening variety of avenues, new and time-tested tools have become available for exploration and application. This is about the most exciting phenomenon of this age. (Dare I use the word transformative?) You can now learn how to do things with your mind’s relationship to space-time that have the power to directly effect your own journey into your future. You can also learn how to “retrain your brain and re-thread your head” to change the quality of what you are attracting into your experience. You can even learn how to become happy. Whoa! So, if you had these access to these powerful tools, what would you do?
How would you like your future to be? Foggy, dark, adversarial, out of your control, scary or bleak? Bright, robust, bountiful, all you could have possibly hoped for – and by your own design? Confortably in the gray area between? Assuming you want to have a say in the matter, you need to choose your future for yourself and figure how to get there. By the way, I am not for one second ruling out Higher guidance and support. What I am saying is that considering that you are the one making the journey forward, figuring out where you are heading and coming up with a chart that will get you there should probably be a high priority for you. Take another look at those happy, fulfilled, successful people you have met or read about. What are their mental and physical habits? Do they think their prosperity is accidental, or did they set goals and a plan for getting there? Also, how did their habits and methods effect their state of happiness? Now, what about you? You have an amazing adventure in front of you, if you want one, the adventure of a lifetime! If not, well, as you were.

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