About Personal Power 3: Digging a Little Deeper

In this article, we’re going to look into three aspects of owning and using your personal power. The first has to do a natural way to go about working on your beliefs. The second is about keeping a flexible attitude while you overhaul your belief system. The third has to do with the reason why you need to take responsibility for yourself, your power, and your actions.
Let’s assume you have gotten to work on your self-limiting beliefs. Right off the bat I better share with you that you will always be doing this. You have thousands of beliefs about nearly everything. It isn’t a race and you have the rest of your life to work on them as they come up. Some you’ll hold onto and some you’ll release in favor of a more evolved version that serves you better. The prize is that every time you successfully release, or transform a limiting belief, you expand as a person, you move up the emotional scale a little, and you have a better time in life because the quality of your experiences and relationships improve a little. These results accumulate over time and your life experience can improve dramatically. It’s just as well that it doesn’t happen all at once, you know. It takes time to adapt to better things. You want to enjoy the results of the work and not be too overwhelmed.
Here’s a kind of miracle for you to enjoy. Life will always present you with the limiting belief to work on next; it will put it right in front of you. All you have to do is see what is coming up for you today, and that’s the one to work on. In order for this to work for you, you need to reserve a little bit of your attention to sort of watch from the side as you engage in experiences. With practice, you can learn to be sensitive to when a limiting belief is up in your consciousness. It happens every time you feel a habitual fear, every time you say something limiting instead of expansive, every time you pre-judge a person, situation or event. When something comes up and you realize it, you can get to work on the belief itself, your resulting thoughts, the associated emotions, and the resulting actions. If you do the work quickly, you will quickly experience positive results and in time the next one will come up to be worked on. If you made some improvement to the belief, a weaker version will show up so that you can keep working on it. If you ignore what is coming up, it will tend to show with more force and momentum next time, until you are finally forced to deal with it. By the time it shows up physically, you know, ulcers, chronic back pain, allergies, etc., you’ve been ignoring the opportunity for a while. When you successfully release the belief and replace it with, hopefully, something much better, symptoms will fade and your body will be free to heal itself.
While you are hard at work on yourself, replacing old gunk with a shiny new improved version, remember to stay flexible. The new version you are trying out is not the ultimate. In time,you will want to change it out something even more expansive, life affirming and fun. When you’re ready. Only when you’re ready, and that’s a step-by-step kind of thing. Life will let you know when you are, you don’t have to worry about it at all. Your task is to work on what is right in front of you today. Which brings up another aspect of this interesting phenomenon. Life also hands your challenges to you in perfect timing for you. This process is part of how the universe operates at a fundamental level. It happens for every sentient being in the entire universe. How and why can be the subject of a more advanced discussion sometime. What is important is that it works, it is always how things are going to happen for you, it cannot be shut off. You can ignore it and I’ll bet you have met many people who do. For an interesting little experiment, watch people who stubbornly resist change and growth over time. Watch what happens as the lessons come on more and more strongly. If you have the opportunity, also watch for people who take on the lessons, who are committed to their personal growth and happiness. As you watch, the effects of what is going on become abundantly clear.
Being responsible for your thoughts and actions isn’t the onus it sounds like, it’s really about reclaiming and using your personal power, the power of choice and the power to change what you think and do. Suppose you are chronically late paying your bills. It’s been going on like this for a while now and you just don’t see a way to improve the situation. Your job is your job, it pays what it pays (not enough!), and the last time you tried to hold down two jobs, you ended up sick and depleted. Understandably, you want to enjoy your free time. If you assign blame to your boss, the exorbitant prices everything costs these days; food, utilities, insurances, and so on, you have allowed yourself nothing to work with, no choices, no way of improving the situation.
In effect, you’ve given your power to choose and take action away. In this case, when your thoughts are occupied with how awful things are going, you have no room to find ways out of the situation. Here’s the secret to that: when you are in an emotionally low place, you can really only entertain thoughts in harmony with your emotional state. And, when you are only thinking self-defeating thoughts, it’s very hard to get yourself into an emotionally better place. Vicious cycle, right?
In the abstract, when you do not take ownership of what you have created and are now experiencing the consequences of, you have taken away your ability to change it. So, with responsibility comes power. What is not necessary to the equation is blame, whether aimed at others or yourself. It serves no practical purpose; it doesn’t ever fix a situation. It is a victim’s stance, and they are not called victims because they are able to change their circumstances. The essence of victim-hood is powerlessness.
But, you can begin to work on the magic trio: your beliefs, your thoughts and your emotions; gradually, step-by-step, each helping the other two along. As you change those, new ideas will come along, sometimes from your own depths and sometimes from those around you. Without doing the work to change, nothing around you is likely to improve much. You have to hope an angel or knight in shining armor will come to save you. You have to wait for a winning lottery ticket or a sudden unexpected inheritance. Guess where the most likely success will come from? Guess which choice will last you a lifetime? Guess which option will really result in you becoming happy? Happiness doesn’t come from the outside, especially if you are not in an emotional place to allow it in. Happiness is an emotion. Your emotions are all generated by you in reaction to your life and events. Yet, they are what motivate you to respond this way or that way, take this action or that action. Take a look at the patterns in your thoughts, reactions and resulting actions. See what patterns you can figure out. It can be very enlightening.

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